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Carotid Doppler
Carotid Doppler
Carotid Doppler

Carotid Doppler Treatment & Testing

A carotid doppler test uses ultrasound waves to examine the structure and function of the two carotid arteries located on each side of the neck. These arteries deliver blood from the heart to the brain, and a blocked or narrowed carotid artery can increase the risk of a stroke. Carotid doppler treatment is especially crucial if you have medical conditions that increase the risk of a stroke in the first place. Such conditions include but are not limited to high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, family history of stroke or heart disease. 
Southern Maryland Medical Group offers carotid doppler procedures in each of our three clinics. Call any time to consult with a friendly representative and schedule a convenient appointment. We are also happy to take walk-in appointments.

Why it’s done

A carotid doppler test is performed to inspect the carotid arteries for blockages or narrowing. Carotid arteries can become clogged by buildup of plaque, often made up of fat, cholesterol, calcium, and other substances that can be found in the blood stream. Arteries can also become damaged or diseased. Early diagnosis and treatment of narrowed or clogged carotid arteries can save you from a stroke or brain damage. A carotid doppler is especially recommended for those with medical conditions that increase the risk of a stroke, including:

  • Family history of stroke or heart disease
  • Recent stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Coronary artery disease

Carotid doppler tests can also be used to evaluate blood flow after surgery or check on the placement and effectiveness of a stent, which is a mesh tube that’s used to improve blood flow in arteries.

Carotid Doppler

How it’s done

There is no reason to be nervous. A carotid doppler test does not involve needles or intrusive tools; it uses a small probe called a transducer which is guided along the patient’s neck. The transducer produces high frequency sound waves which bounce off the arteries and are recorded to produce live-action footage on a nearby monitor. The results can be displayed as images as well as graphs. A carotid doppler test can take between 30 minutes to an hour. 
You will likely be lying down during the procedure, and a warm gel will be applied to your neck to help transmit the sound waves. We recommend you wear a comfortable shirt that does not cover the neck.

Getting results

A carotid doppler test produces live footage and graphing, meaning the doctor can explain to you what’s going on as the test progresses. In some cases, the results may have to be sent to a specialist who will review the results and send a report to the doctor who ordered the test. 

Schedule a convenient appointment

Southern Maryland Medical Group offers carotid doppler tests in all of our three clinics. Give us a call to schedule a convenient appointment or drop by one of our three locations for a walk-in appointment. Our friendly staff are always happy to take your call and answer fundamental questions.

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