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How an Online Doctor Visit Works
How an Online Doctor Visit Works
October 07/2023

How an Online Doctor Visit Works

Scheduling periodic checkups with a licensed doctor is a pillar of a healthy life, but going to the doctor's office or the hospital is a challenge for many individuals. Fortunately, human innovation and modern technology offers many solutions. In the digital age, communicating with a licensed physician can be as simple as video conferencing. It can also involve advanced monitoring devices that patients can wear while going on about their day.

At Southern Maryland Medical Group, we invest in cutting edge technology and strive to deliver medical services that exceed expectations. If you seek a primary care physician, then call Southern Maryland Medical Group to speak with a member of our team.

A New Horizon: Digital Age of Healthcare

Gone are the days of rushing to the doctor's office, waiting for hours in crowded waiting rooms, and dealing with the hassle of traffic and parking. Online doctor visits leverage the power of the internet and digital devices to provide convenient, efficient, and effective healthcare consultations.

We understand the idea of online doctor visits may bring up questions, and we are here to clarify how an online doctor visit works.

How Online Visit to Doctor Works

Imagine this scenario: you wake up with a persistent cough and suspect it might be more than just a common cold. Instead of rearranging your entire day to visit the doctor, you can opt for an online doctor visit. Here's how it works:

Start by selecting a reputable healthcare provider or online healthcare platform. Ask them if they provide telemedicine services. Southern Maryland Medical Group is proud to be a leading provider in the area.

Next, you’ll schedule an appointment. You can typically schedule an appointment at your convenience, including evenings and weekends. Appointments can even be available same-day or next-day.

On the day of your appointment, you should prepare for a virtual consultation. You will log in to the platform using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. There, you’ll be connected to a licensed physician via a secure and private video call. This video consultation is very similar to an in-person visit, allowing you to discuss your symptoms, medical history, and concerns with the doctor.

The physician will evaluate your condition, ask questions, and may even request you to perform some basic physical examinations, such as checking your temperature or demonstrating your range of motion. Based on their assessment, they can provide a diagnosis and recommend treatment options. If necessary, the doctor can electronically send prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy or provide referrals to specialists.

Advanced Monitoring Devices

Online doctor visits aren't limited to video consultations; they can also include advanced monitoring devices that patients can wear or use in their daily lives. These devices can track vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels, allowing doctors to remotely monitor patients' health and make timely interventions when needed.

We Are Happy to Address Questions and Concerns

Southern Maryland Medical Group is proud to have a team of licensed and experienced primary care doctors who are dedicated to leading patients to a healthier life. If you want to consult with a doctor but can’t adjust your schedule, then please consider giving us a call. At Southern Maryland Medical Group, we work hard – and smart – to deliver healthcare services to our neighbors and friends.

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