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The Benefits of Using Remote Patient Monitoring
The Benefits of Using Remote Patient Monitoring
January 20/2023

The Benefits of Using Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a technology-centered healthcare practice in which healthcare providers use digital devices and communication tools to remotely collect and analyze patient health data, such as vital signs and symptoms. In this brief article, we review some of the common reasons why patients and their primary care doctors or healthcare providers are turning to RPM. If you are looking for a primary care clinic taking charge in this area, then contact Southern Maryland Medical Group.

Consistent Access to Healthcare

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) allows physicians and healthcare providers to monitor patients in real-time, which means they can quickly identify and address any issues that arise. This is especially valuable in managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, and preventing complications and hospital readmissions.

RPM also empowers healthcare providers to reach patients who may be unable to physically visit the healthcare facility, such as those living in distant, rural areas or those with mobility issues. This helps expand healthcare access for underserved populations.

Engaging and Empowering the Patient

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. A visit to the doctor’s office can feel like a ride on a conveyor belt as nurses and assistants measure your vitals, check your body for symptoms, jot down notes, and so forth.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) encourages the patient to get involved and take an active role in their own healthcare. With RPM, the patient possesses tools and information they can use to manage their conditions effectively. This leads to better self-care and adherence to treatment plans.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) can help healthcare providers reduce the number of in-person visits and in-office procedures, which can save both time and money. Further, RPM can identify and address health issues before they become emergencies, reducing the burden on hospitals and emergency departments.

These cost savings are passed on to patients, but the benefits for patients don’t end there. RPM also relieves patients of making some trips to the healthcare facility, saving the patient’s time and energy.

Things to Consider

Overall, remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a cost-effective solution that enables healthcare providers to deliver improved access to quality care, increase patient engagement and satisfaction, and reduce the cost of care. There are some things to consider though.

Not all patients have access to the technology or internet connection required for RPM, which can limit its effectiveness for certain populations. Further, RPM should be used in conjunction with other healthcare methods and not as a standalone solution. In-person visits to a primary care physician offer great value, helping build trust between patient and provider and offering much-needed emotional support.

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